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Home Decor is what I consider to be a fairly feature-filled home decoration modpack.  It supplies a bunch of stuff found in and around most homes, like window shutters, flower pots, home electronics, brass and wrought-iron tables, kitchen stuff, bathroom fixtures, and lots more.  You name it, it's probably here - or it will be sooner or later!


A house on VanessaE's Creative server, built using some of Home Decor's components.


The interior of that same house, showing more of Home Decor's offerings.


Most stuff can be made from materials found throughout a vanilla game world.  Some stuff can only be crafted by using materials from a non-default mod (look for the orange highlights).  Currently, this mod can use materials/recipes from More blocks and Mesecons if present.  A few things require More Ores, and a couple of things need colors from Unified Dyes, but everything else that needs a color can be made using the default dyes.

As usual, you can use /give to access all of the items provided by this mod, though some stuff doesn't make much sense to actually have (such as the upper half of a door).  To get a list of all of the nodes provided by this mod, run the bash script that's provided in the Home Decor directory (note that a few entries listed by this script are not nodes, merely false positive matches).

This mod gets frequent updates, and may occasionally act differently from the what is indicated below.  Hopefully that won't happen too often. :-)

Crafting Guide



Oil extract:  Place six leaves into the crafting grid in any positions to get 4 portions of raw oil extract.  You can use any kinds that are in the "leaves" group (i.e. default leaves, Moretrees' leaves, etc) - mix and match as you see fit.

The resultant oil is useable as a fuel also.


Paraffin:  Cook one portion of oil extract to produce a portion of paraffin (wax).  This is used to create plastic sheeting as well as other items.

The resultant paraffin is usable as a fuel, though there isn't much point in burning it.


Plastic sheeting:  Cook one portion of the above paraffin to get a sheet of plastic.  Simple enough, right? :-)

Plastic sheets are usable as fuel, though again there isn't much point in burning them.

Terra Cotta Base:  Craft one block of dirt, one lump of clay, and one bucket of water, in any positions on the grid.  Yields 8 lumps of terracotta base and one empty bucket.
Terra Cotta Piece:  Smelt one lump of the above terracotta base to get one terracotta tile for use on roofs and flower pots.
Glass Recycling:  All three of the glass tabletops mentioned below can be placed back into the grid to recycle them into glass fragments via the default game's Vessels mod.  Ditto for the glass skylights.  Three tabletops or three skylights in any positions on the grid (but all must be the same type) become one pile of glass fragments. Once you've got some glass fragments, just stick them in a furnace and smelt them back into glass blocks.  Yields 1 glass block per pile of fragments.

Basic materials

A few recipes below require narrow strips of plastic rather than whole sheets.  To get these, place three sheets in a row, as shown here.  Yields three sets of strips.  Each set logically represents 6 individual strips, though they're a single craft item.

Brass Ingots (requires Moreores or Technic): There are two ways to make this, depending on which mods you have to supply the necessary metal to mix with copper to make it.

If you don't have Technic, then you'll need Moreores, from which silver is taken.  This is the standard recipe that this mod uses.  Craft one copper ingot with one silver ingot, in any positions.  Yields 2.

If you have Technic, then the above recipe will not be activated.  Instead, use an Alloy furnace (including the low-end fuel-fired ones) to combine two copper and one zinc ingot or two and one of their corresponding dusts, as shown on the left.

If you're using dusts, you'll need to smelt the resultant brass dust in a regular furnace to get brass ingots.

These brass ingots are compatible with Technic recipes that call for them.

Power Crystal:  Some items below rely on this crystal to "power" them.  Craft two Mese Crystal fragments, a torch, two diamonds, and a gold ingot in the pattern shown here.  Yields 2.  This item can be used as fuel, which is also why it's so expensive to make.
Silicon lump:  You'll need to craft some silicon, from which the integrated circuits below are made.  Do that by placing three sand and one steel ingot into the crafting grid as shown.  Yields 4.  These silicon lumps are compatible with Mesecons recipes.
Integrated Circuit:  Craft three silicon lumps and one copper ingot in a square in any place on the grid to get the integrated circuit chips used below.  Yields 4.
A basic heating element is needed for a few recipes in this mod.  Craft it from two copper ingots and one Mese crystal fragment.  Yields 2.  Note that these don't actually need any electricity, it's just so that this mod has something meaningful to use when a recipe needs something that suggests "heat".
A basic spool of steel wire.  You know, old fashioned "bailing wire", except this stuff ain't rusted out yet. :-)   Craft it from two steel ingots and three sheets of plastic in the pattern shown here.  Yields 4.
A basic spool of copper wire.  Used for a few electrical/electronic recipes here and there instead of just plain copper ingots.  Craft it the same way as the above steel wire, just use copper ingots in the recipe instead of steel ingots.  Yields 4.
A few items in this mod even require motors in order to work.  Like the heating element and other items, they don't actually require any electricity, it's just here to give some realism to the craft.  Construct it from two Mese crystal fragments, two of the above spools of copper wire, two sheets of plastic, one copper ingot, and two steel ingots in the pattern shown at the left.  Yields 2.
A basic speaker driver is used in a few of the objects below.  Otherwise their recipes would be stupid. :-)  Craft them from two steel ingots, a spool of copper wire, a sheet of paper, and one iron lump in the pattern shown here.  Yields 2.
Sometimes it just gets too damned hot in the world.  Well that's the theory anyways, and if it does, you'll need some way to cool down.  So, there are objects in this mod that use a basic fan blade object in their craft.  Craft it from three plastic sheets and a steel ingot, as shown here.  Yields 2.

Building Blocks

A number of recipes below rely on materials found in the building_blocks mod, which is included in the Home Decor modpack.  Below is an overview of that mod's recipes and items.

Building blocks-crafts
  • Adobe:  Craft this from one sand, a clay block, and a default stick.
  • Roofing:  four blocks of adobe.
  • Fake grass:  default leaves above dirt.
  • Hardwood:  default wood and default junglewood in either 2x2 pattern.
  • Marble:  checkerboard pattern of tar and clay blocks as shown.
  • Grates:  steel ingots above default glass.
  • Wood-framed glass:  default wood above default glass.
  • Fireplace:  Two steel ingots flanking a bundle of sticks.
  • Tar:  get this stuff by cooking gravel.
  • Streak-free glass:  get this by cooking default glass.
  • Brobble spread:  two default brick blocks flanking a block of cobble.
  • Gravel spread:  three gravel in a row.
  • Bundle of sticks:  Four default sticks in a square.
  • Tar spread:  two tar blocks in a row.
  • B&W marble-ish tiles:  2x2 checkerboard of tar and marble blocks.
  • Terrycloth towel:  three strings in a row.
  • Tar knife:  one block of tar above one default stick.


Small Glass Tabletop, round:  Craft five glass blocks in a "+" pattern. Yields 15.  Recyclable (see above).
Small Glass Tabletop, square:  Place two round tabletops into the grid side by side anywhere on the grid to get the square-cornered version.  Yields 2.  Recyclable.
Large Glass Tabletop:  Place two of the above square glass table onto the grid side by side to get the tileable square version.  Yields 2.  Recyclable.
Small Wood Tabletop, round:  Craft five wood blocks in a "+" pattern.  Yields 15 small, round tabletops.
Small Wood Tabletop, square:  Place two round wood tabletops on the grid side by side to get the small square version.  Yields 2.
Large Wood Tabletop:  Similar to the large glass table - place two of the above small square tabletops onto the grid side by side to get the tileable version.  Yields 2.
All of the wooden tables can be crafted into sticks by placing three of any one type back onto the grid, in any positions.  Yields 4 sticks.
Brass Table Legs (requires Moreores or Technic):  Craft five brass ingots in an upside-down "T".  Useful along with any of the glass tabletops.  Yields 3 sets of legs.
Wrought Iron Table Legs:  Similar to the brass ones above, but using iron lumps.  Yields 3.
Wooden Utility Table Legs (for two-part tables):  Craft 7 sticks in an upside-down U.  Useful with the small square tabletop above.  Yields 1 set of table legs.
3dfurniture table
Wooden Utility table, 3d style:  An alternative to the double-node tables above.  This one doesn't use the separate legs/tops method as the other ones do.  Craft it from three wooden blocks and two sticks as shown.  Yields 1.  You can color these white or brown ("mahogany" as generally referred to elsewhere in this Wiki) by putting one back into the crafting grid and adding a portion of white or brown dye.
3dfurniture chair
Wooden "kitchen" Chair:  The partner to the above table.  Craft it from two blocks of wood and three sticks as shown.  Yields 2.  These chairs are available with several colors of cloth seats:  black, red, green, blue, violet, and pink.  To get one of those, place one of these chairs back into the crafting grid and add block of wool in one of those colors, or a block of white wool and a portion of dye of the appropriate color.
3dfurniture armchair
Large armchair:  If one of the above chairs is the wrong style for your home, try an armchair instead.  Available in black, red, green, blue, violet, and pink. Craft three wool of exactly one of those colors plus two wood blocks in the pattern shown here.  Yields 2.

If you don't like the style of the above chair, maybe this one from the lrfurn mod will better suit your fancy?  Craft it from one wool, one wood slab, and one stick, in the pattern shown here.  Yields 1.

Available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, black, grey and white.

Need to seat more than one?  Build a short sofa (also called a loveseat in some locales).  Build it from two each of wool, wood slabs, and sticks, in the pattern shown here.  Available in the same colors as the above chair.  Yields 1.
Ok maybe even that is too small.  In that case, craft a full-size sofa (occupies three nodes in length).  Use three wool, three wood slabs, and three sticks, in the pattern seen here.  Yields 1.  Same color choices as above.
Along with these couches and chairs is a basic endtable.  Craft it from two wood slabs and two sticks, in the pattern shown here.  Yields 1.
A basic coffee table can be crafted similar to the above endtable.  Just use three slabs and two sticks in the layout seen here.  Yields one, occupies two nodes.
A basic bed to sleep in.  Craft it from three wood blocks and three wool, as shown here.  Note that you can use any color of wool to craft it, but the result is always a red bed.  When placing it, point it at the node where the foot of the bed will go; the head will be placed one node back from that.  Yields 1.
Small oak drawer:  Craft two wood blocks and one steel ingot in a horizontal line as shown here.  Yields 1.
Oak Nightstand with One Drawer:  Craft one small oak drawer above one block of wood.  One-drawer nightstands provide a small inventory to store stuff in (like a chest, but with eight slots instead of 32).  Yields 1.
Mahogany Nightstand with One Drawer:  Craft one oak nightstand with one portion of brown dye, or Unified Dyes dark orange.  Yields 1.  Eight-slot storage space.
Oak Nightstand with Two Drawers:  Craft two drawers above one wood block, or craft a one-drawer nightstand above a single drawer.  This one stores twice as much as the one-drawer version (like a chest, but with 16 slots instead of 32).  Yields 1.
Mahogany Nightstand with Two Drawers:  Craft a two-drawer oak nightstand with one portion of brown or dark orange dye.  Yields 1.  16-slot storage space.

A basic desk can be crafted from three wooden slabs, two small drawers, and three blocks of wood.  Yields 1.  This desk may seem a tad expensive, but it's 2 nodes wide, so it's also kinda big!

When placing a desk, always aim at the space that the left side of the desk should occupy, as the code will always place the desk there and one space to the right (assuming it can find an empty space to do so, otherwise it will refuse to place it).

You can use Moreblocks default wooden slabs also.

If you don't like the look of the "full size" book shelves, you can craft some half-depth ones using a slightly cheaper recipe - four wood and three books, as shown here.  Yields 1.

Roofing Materials

Shingle wood1
Wooden Roof Shingles:  Craft two sticks and two wood blocks in a 2x2 pattern as shown here, anywhere in the grid (you can switch the positions of the sticks/wood also).  Yields 12.
Shingle terracotta1
Terracotta Roof Shingles:  Craft four terracotta pieces in a square, in any position.  Yields 1.
Shingle asphalt1
Asphalt Roof shingles:  Craft three plastic sheets along with two portions of gravel spread, two sand blocks, and two portions of black dye, in exactly the pattern shown.  Yields 6.
Glass Skylight:  Craft four large tabletops in a square, in any place on the grid. Basically results in a glass shingle.  Yields 9.  Recyclable.
Skylight frosted
Skylight frosted-to-plain

You can place a glass skylight back into the crafting grid along with a portion of white dye to get the translucent, frosted variety.  Yields 1.

If you need to get the clear kind back after frosting it, cook it in a furnace.

In addition to the above recipes, you can also craft wood, terracotta, or asphalt shingles into a few other shapes as shown below (these additional recipes do not apply to glass skylights).  You can also use slopes to make the corner pieces, using the same patterns as with the flat shingles.

  • Three flat shingles in a horizontal line yield three slopes of the same type.
  • Three shingles in an "L" shape as show yield three "inside" corners of that type.
  • Three shingles in an upside-down "v" yield three "outside" corners of the same type.
  • Three slopes in a horizontal line yield three flat shingles.
  • For terracotta, any of the four shapes can be recycled back into tiles by placing two of the same shape side by side.  Yields 8.


Included with the Homedecor modpack is kaeza's and my signs_lib mod, based on code from PilzAdam and thexyz.  This mod, unlike the original signs included in Minetest, puts the text you've entered right onto the sign (and it also shows up when pointed at, like default signs do, in case the on-sign text isn't readable on a particular system). By default, this mod supplies your basic wall and yard signs, signs hanging from the ceiling, and signs on three kinds of fenceposts.

The signs_lib mod included with Homedecor offers 4 basic shapes of signs, forming a total of 6 unique nodes counting the signs added to brass and wrought iron fences.

If you place a sign against any vertical surface, it becomes a regular wall sign (duh :-)  ), and placing one on the ground causes it to appear standing upright on a small "stick".  The "hanging from the ceiling" version appears when you place a sign on any inverted horizontal (e.g. ceiling) surface.

If you need to place a sign on a wooden, brass or wrought iron fencepost (but not the vertical poles), simply do exactly that.  That is to say, place a fencepost, then point at it and place a regular sign.  Home Decor will combine the two into one node.  When dug, you get the sign back first, then the fencepost.  

The best part of these signs is that they support full-color text!

To change text colors, simply use the # sign followed by a single hexadecimal digit from 0 to f to change colors.  Any number of color changes may be used on a sign.

The signs use the standard Linux/IRC/CGA color palette, which is shown numerically at the bottom of the sign in the second picture above.

This sign was created by placing one "on" the ground, and then just inserting several number codes among the text, as shown below.

Text automatically word-wraps when it exceeds the horizontal margins of the sign, once you commit it.  To explicitly insert a line break, just press enter. 

Here, you can see the "code" that was used to create the colorful example sign from the previous picture.

The signs offer a multi-line editor to make it easy to enter your text.  Please keep the following limitations in mind when writing your text:

This editor does not attempt to limit how much you can type in.  The rendered results will almost always look differnet than what you typed, owing to the fact that the signs mod doesn't print the raw '#x' codes you typed, and differences between its font and that of the sign itself.

Fences and Gates

Except for brass, wrought iron, and privacy fences, all the fences below have a gate to go with them.  All such gates open/close with a right click, and are created by placing one of the appropriate fence into the crafting grid. Yields 1 gate, which can be changed back into a fence by placing it back onto the crafing grid.  Except for brass and wrought iron fences, corner versions of each fence below are available and can be crafted by placing two of the appropriate fence into the crafting grid in any positions.  Yields one corner fence, which can be split back into two regular fences by placing it back onto the crafting grid.

Brass Fence/railing (requires Moreores or Technic):  Similar recipe and the same draw type as regular wood fences:  Place six brass ingots in two rows (at the top or bottom).  Yields 6.
Wrought Iron fence:  Similar to the brass one above, place six iron lumps in two adjacent rows (at top or bottom).  Yields 6.
Picket Fence:  A simple, unpainted picket fence with pointed tops.  Craft eight sticks in a square, with the center empty.  Yields 6.
Classic White Picket Fence:  Just like you see in old photos and movies.  Craft eight sticks in a square, with a portion of white dye in the middle.  Yields 6 fences.
Basic privacy Fence:  Like the kind you put around a back-yard pool.  Craft six wood in the two side columns and a stick in each of the top- and bottom-middle spots.  Yields 6.  If you need a gate for this type of fence, use a regular wooden door.
Old-style Barbed Wire Fence:  Like the kind that surrounds most farms, particularly along highways.  Unlike real ones, this fence does not do any damage to the player.  Craft six sticks in the left and right columns, and one spool of steel wire in each of the top-center and bottom-center spots.  Yields 6.
Chainlink fence:  Like the kind usually seen in peoples' yards in urban areas.  Craft five steel ingots in an upside-down "L" shape, and four spools of steel wire in the remaining slots.  Yields 9.

Home Electronics

Home Stereo Receiver:  Craft 5 plastic sheets in an upside-down "U" along with two of the above IC's in the middle and bottom-center, and two steel ingots.  Yields 1.  Does nothing, purely decorative.

Television:  Craft five plastic sheets in an upside-down "U" along with one piece of regular glass, a power crystal, and two IC's.  Yields 1.  Adds a small amount of light and displays a slideshow of several photos (currently there are 8 images, which switch every 10 seconds).

You can also use one Moreblocks Glow Glass (not the "Super" one) in the middle and three IC's across the bottom.


If the above CRT-style TV is the wrong type for your house (or you just want something bigger), try crafting this flat-panel plasma display instead.  Use five glass, two steel ingots, one copper ingot, and one lump of coal in the layout seen here.  The screen occupies a 3x2 space on the wall, and displays a slideshow of several images, similar to the CRT television above.  Yields 1.

If you need to floor-mount it, you can do so by crafting a stand from two sticks, one lump of coal, and one steel ingot, in the pattern shown in the second picture.  Place one of those on the ground, then place the plasma screen against it.  The stand occupies the node space behind the bottom-center position of the screen.

Small Loudspeaker:  Craft one black wool or black cotton, one speaker driver, and one block of wood in a row in the positions shown here (you can use any row).  Yields 1.  Does nothing, purely decorative.
Large Loudspeaker:  Basically a larger version of the above.  Craft three black wool or cotton in a column on the left, three wood on the right, two speaker drivers in the top-center and center positions, and another wood block in the bottom-center position, as shown here.  Yields 1.  Like the small one, this doesn't actually DO anything - it is purely decorative.
Projector Screen:  Craft six plastic sheets on the bottom two rows, plus one glass block in the middle of the top row.  Yields 3.  Does nothing, purely decorative - basically a slightly-shiny grey wall hanging.

You can get a decorative DVD/Vcr combo to place on top of the TV by crafting them separately and then combining the results.

The VCR is constructed from three plastic sheets, three iron lumps, a steel ingot and one IC in the pattern shown in the first picture here.

The DVD Player is crafted from one plastic sheet (which represents a DVD disc), two motors, one obsidian glass, one Mese Crystal fragment, one IC, and one power crystal.

Then just combine the two resulting craft items in the grid in any positions to yield the placable DVD/VCR combo.


A nice wood-trimmed analog wall clock is found here.  This and all other clocks shown below are strictly decorative - they don't show the actual time.

Craft it from six sticks, two portions of black dye, and one IC as shown.  Yields 2.

You can also get this in white plastic by using 6 plastic sheets in place of the sticks.

Analog too plain and old-fashioned for you?  Ok, make a digital clock then!  Craft this one from six sheets of plastic, one sheet of paper, one IC, and one power crystal, as shown here.  Yields 2.
Need to wake up early for that big build?  Ok maybe not, but at least there's a decorative alarm clock to put on your nightstand!  Craft it from six sheets of plastic, one power crystal, one speaker driver, and one of the above digital clocks.  Yields 1.


A basic computer tower.  Craft it from six plastic sheets, two steel ingots, and a mese crystal, in the pattern shown here.  Yields 1.

A computer needs a monitor and keyboard!  Craft a set of these from four plastic sheets, a mese crystal fragment, and two glass in the pattern shown here.  Yields 1.

When punched, the monitor turns on/off, and may display one of several images, depending on whether the above tower or the rack server seen below is next to it.

A simple WiFi router.  Craft from four sheets of plastic, two steel ingots, and one mese crystal fragment, as shown.  Yields 1.
Every computer needs a printer as well!  Craft from five sheets of plastic, a mese crystal, a portion of black dye, and a steel ingot.  You can also use a lump of coal insead of the dye.  Yields 1.
Take the game on the go with a laptop.  This Pony Vanio can be crafted from four sheets of plastic and a piece of glass.  Yields 1.
Your basic high-end rack server.  Well, at least it looks like one!  Craft it from nine of the above computer towers.  Turns on/off when punched.  Yields 1.
Give your kids a little time on a classic gaming console with this Pony Slaystation.  Craft it from five sheets of plastic and a block of wood.  Yields 1.
Kids too spoiled for the older console?  Well if you must, give them a newer model - the Slaystation 2.  Same craft recipe as above, except use a steel ingot instead of wood.  Yields 1.
For all your classic computer lovers out there, here's a SheFriend SOO.  Craft from seven sheets of plastic, one glass, and one wood.  Yields 1.
What, you say the SheFriend is too new for your taste?  Well there's also the venerable Admiral 128!  Craft it from three plasic and three steel ingots, in the pattern shown here.  Yields 1.

The Admiral 64 is the 128's older, less power, and yet more popular brother, and can be crafted from three plastic and three wood as shown here.  Yields 1.

At the lowest end of the capabilities list is the good old SX Specter.  Craft it from 7 sheets of plastic, as seen here.  Yields 1.

Climate control


Get a light breeze going with this basic desk fan.  Craft it from a motor, one set of fan blades, and two steel ingots as shown here.  Yields 1, which turns on and off when punched.  When "on", the blades spin and the fan oscillates back and forth!

Contributed by Jordach using his hybrid mesh nodes method.  If the upper part of this object disappears due to a /clearobjects command or server glitch, just punch the base and it'll return.

Sometimes it just gets too hot in the house for a simple fan!  Well for that, there's an air conditioner.  Well not really, but it looks nice!  Craft it from five steel ingots, two motors, a set of fan blades, and one grate as shown here.  Yields 1.

Ok maybe it's not too hot, but rather it's too cold!  In that case, build a heater instead.  You can make one of those from five plastic sheets, two heating elements, a set of fan blades, and a motor.  Yields 1.

Kitchen appliances and related

In the cabinets and fridge below, most have a lockable version, which can be made by first crafting the unlocked variant, and then crafting one of those along with a steel ingot.



Conventional Oven:  A functional kitchen oven, just like it sounds.  Really it's just the default furnace with new textures and crafting recipe.  Craft five steel ingots along with three heating elements and one plain glass or Moreblocks iron glass, in the pattern shown here.  Yields 1 oven with a stainless steel finish.

To get a regular enameled white one, put it back into the crafting grid and add two portions of white dye.

Microwave Oven: Like the conventional oven, this one can cook stuff, but it does so at a faster rate.  The caveat of course is that it has a smaller output capacity than the conventional oven or furnace.  Craft five steel ingots along the top and left sides, one plain or Moreblocks Ironglass in the center, a copper ingot at the bottom, an IC at the right-middle, and a power crystal at the lower-right, in the pattern shown here.  Yields 2.

Refrigerator (requires Moreores):  A basic kitchen fridge.  Carries an inventory of 50 slots (10x5) and stands two nodes tall.  Craft 6 steel ingots in the two side columns, and in the center column put one homedecor small yellow glow cube, one Moreores tin ingot, and one clay block (you can get that one by first crafting four clay lumps in a square). Yields 1, with a steel finish.

To get the enameled white kind, put this one back into the crafting grid and add three portions of white dye.


Ok let's face it.  Play the game enough and you have to eat.  Do that and you're gonna dirty-up some dishes.  Well in theory.  For that, we have a dishwasher!

Craft it from the items you see at the left.  They are an IC, a chainlink fence (represents the racks the dishes go on), three steel ingots, a showerhead (represents the sprayer), a motor, a heating element, and a bucket of water.  You can use a Technic motor in this recipe if so desired.

Yields 1, and does not return the bucket.

Once crafted, you can either use it bare, i.e. embed it into a wall, or you can top it with one of four materials to use it along with the kitchen cabinets below.  Just place one back into the crafting grid and add the appropriate material in the slot(s) above it:

  • For a formica-colored wooden top like the basic kitchen cabinets below, put a standard wooden slab in the slot directly above the dishwasher.  Or, you can use the thinnest cut of Moreblocks/Stairsplus wooden slab that can be made with the circular saw included in that mod.  While the former is easier to make, the latter is much more efficient.
  • For a steel top, either add a row of three steel ingots directly above the dishwasher, with the dishwasher in the center spot in the lower of the two rows, or use Moreblocks' circular saw to cut the a default steel block into the thinnest possible slab you can get and use that directly above the dishwasher.  As with wood, the former is easier to acquire, but the latter is a bit more efficient.
  • For marble, put either a Building Blocks marble slab, or the thinnest cut of Technic's marble slab (but not marble bricks slab) from the circular saw in the spot above the dishwasher.  As with the other recipes, it's more efficient to use the circular saw to cut Technic's marble block.
  • For granite, you'll have to go with Technic's granite, again using the thinnest cut of granite slab the saw can produce, since there is no other useful source of granite.

Basic kitchen Cabinet:  Carries 24 inventory slots with it, meant to imply a typical two-door kitchen cabinet/cupboard with a formica or light, sanded-wood countertop.  Craft six wood in the left and right columns, and three sticks down the middle.  Yields 1.

By default, these cabinets come with a sort of formica-colored wooden top, but they can also be topped with "stainless" steel, marble, or granite.  For any of these, start by placing one cabinet back into the crafting grid, then add either a row of 3 steel ingots, or a Stairsplus thin steel block slab, or a Building Blocks marble slab, or a Stairsplus thin marble slab, or a thin granite slab, just as in the dishwasher recipes above.

Half-size Kitchen Cabinet:  A half-sized version of the above (wooden top only), with 12 inventory slots.  This one mounts against the ceiling, and is meant to suggest those smaller cabinets most homes have over the kitchen sink and/or stove.  Place one of the above full-size cabinets back into the grid to get them.  Yields 2.
Kitchen Sink:  Yes, this mod actually does come with everything including the kitchen sink!  It contains an under-sink cabinet with 16 inventory slots.  Craft six wood in the left and right columns, one stick at the bottom, and a steel ingot in the center and top-center spaces.  Yields 1.

Bathroom Stuff

3dfurniture sink
Bathroom sink:  Heck, come to think of it, this mod comes with a bathroom sink also!  This is a purely decorative wall-mounted marble sink, which can be crafted from a an empty bucket in the middle flanked by two building_blocks marble in a single horizontal line as shown.  Yields 1.
3dfurniture faucet
Bathroom faucet:  A simple wall-mounted faucet to go with the sink and shower (below).  Craft two steel ingots and one bucket of water in a line as shown.  Yields 1.
3dfurniture showertray
Shower tray/floor:  The bottom part of a standard three-part shower.    Make it from two blocks of marble and one bucket of water, as shown.  Yields 1.
3dfurniture showerhead
Shower head:  The counterpart to the shower tray above.  Craft one steel ingot and one bucket of water as shown.  Yields 1.
3dfurniture toilet
Toilet:  Well, let's face it, sometimes you just gotta go!  It's not actually functional of course, but you can flip the lid open/closed with a punch.  Makes a flushing sound when closed.  Craft it from three blocks of marble in a horizontal line, along with a bucket of water at the top-right and an empty bucket at the bottom-center.  Yields 1.
If I have to explain what this stuff is, either you've been living under a rock, or you've been using ....  well anyway, craft a roll of it from a block of wood and a stick (represents the holder/dispenser part) and five sheets of paper.  Yields 1.

Don't Panic!  This mod is Douglas Adams compliant, too!

Here is a decorative towel hanging from a towel rod.  Craft two wood, one stick and one terrycloth towel in the pattern shown here.


Many households have laundry faciliies in the real world, and now your Minetest home can too.


Here's a basic washing machine.  Craft it from six steel ingots, one IC, a bucket of water (represents the machine's wash basin/agitator full of water), and a motor.  Yields 1.  The machine does not actually require electricity, of course.

You can use a Technic motor in this recipe if so desired.


And your basic tumble dryer.  Craft it from five steel ingots, one IC, an empty bucket (represents the machine's tumbler), a motor, and a heating element.  As with the washer, it doesn't actually require electricity.  Yields 1.

You can use a Technic motor in this recipe if so desired.


All of these glow lights and glow cubes will flip to floor, ceiling, or wall depending on which of those surfaces you are pointing at when you place one.


Basic Yellow Glowlight Fixture:  These are slab-sized rectangular light fixtures, and are mostly intended for exterior lighting, e.g. a porch light, or under the corners of eaves, etc.  Craft one power crystal in the middle flanked by a piece of regular glass at each side as shown.  Yields 6.

You can also craft one Moreblocks super glow glass at the left, one Moreblocks regular glow glass in the middle, and another super at the right, in a horizontal line. 

Thin Yellow Glowlight Fixture:  Similar to the above, these are half the thickness of the above (that is, a so-called "quarter" slab).  That being the case, they also give off a bit less light than the full-size ones above.  Craft three thick glowlights in a horizontal line to get these thin ones.  Yields 6.

Small Yellow Glowlight Cube:  This is basically a 1/8-sized cube-shaped light source.  Craft one piece of plain glass directly above a power crystal.  Intended for use as yard/sidewalk lighting, porch lights, etc.  Yields 16. 

Alternatively, you can craft one Moreblocks glow glass directly above one Moreblocks Super Glow Glass.

You can also get four of these by placing a single thick glowlight into the crafting grid.


Basic White Glowlight Fixture:  Just like the yellow ones aside from their color.  These white ones are intended to be used for interior lighting, though of course what you do with them is entirely up to you. :-)

Craft three white dye in a horizontal line, then below those, place a power crystal flanked by two regular glass.

You can also use three white dye with the "alternate" Moreblocks-based super-regular-super glow glass pattern in a horizontal line right below them

Yields 6 in either case.

Thin White Glowlight Fixture:  Similar recipe to the thin, yellow glowlights.  Craft three slab-sized white Glowlights in a horizontal line.  Yields 6.

Small White Glowlight Cube:  Just like the yellow version.  Craft one power crystal at the bottom, a piece of plain glass in the center, and a portion of white dye at the top, in a column.  Intended for use on top of short lampposts, e.g. for yard/sidewalk lighting.

Alternatively, you can use one white dye immediately above one Moreblocks Super Glow Glass.  Yields 8 in either case.

You can also get four of these by placing a single thick glowlight into the crafting grid.

Got too many white or yellow glow cubes?  Craft four yellow or white cubes (must all be the same color) in a square to get a thick regular glowlight of the same color.

Fancy animated plasma lamp!  This can be crafted from four glass and one power crystal in the pattern shown here.  The craft will appear to create an empty frame, so the inset is included in this screenshot to show what it looks like when it's placed into the world.   Yields 1.

Note that this object only works with Minetest 0.4.10 or git builds from around that date or later (anything older will just show an empty frame).

3dfurniture lamp

Basic table lamp:  Maybe you just don't need overhead lighting in a particular room.  In that case, this ought to do just fine.  Craft it from two pieces of paper, one torch, one stick, and one wooden slab (either the standard one or the one from moreblocks/stairsplus).   Punch it to cycle between its "off" state and four brightness levels.  Yields 1.

You can also get these with different-colored lampshades, specifically in blue, pink, green, red, or violet, by placing one of these lamps back into the crafting grid and adding a portion of dye of the appropriate color.  Or, you can craft the lamp as shown here, but substituting wool blocks of the appropriate color in place of the two sheets of paper shown there (e.g. two blue wool produces a blue lamp, etc).

3dfurniture torch
Fancy metal torch:  If you want more of a medieval look to your home, use these instead of the above lighting options.  They're designed to look like they attach to a wall (but can be placed on the ground also) and emit a fair amount of light.  Craft one from a steel ingot and a piece of coal as shown.  Yields 10.


All of these doors default to placing a left-opening variety.  If you place a door, and then place a second one to its right, the second door will become right-opening, allowing for automatic placement of double doors (similar to the default doors mod).  Hold your "sneak" key (usually Shift) while placing a door to force it to be right-opening when it otherwise wouldn't be.  All doors return the left-opening variety when dug.

All doors open/close with a right-click, and in the presence of Mesecons signals also (e.g. a pressure plate next to a door will open it when stepped on).

Basic wooden door:  This is a simple wooden door without any cuts or windows.  Craft six wood in two columns, just like a default door, but also add one steel ingot at the right-center.  Yields 2.
Fancy Exterior Wood-and-Glass Door:  A Dark wooden door with a frosted-glass top insert.  Craft five wood planks and one glass block in two columns.  Yields 2.
Decorative Oak-colored Wood-and-Glass Door:  This one is the sort that might be used to separate two related rooms from one another (rather than a room from a hallway), or as a front door.  Most useful alongside windowed walls.  Craft three wood and three glass in an alternating pattern as shown.  You can also use the inverse of this pattern. Yields 2.
Decorative Wood-and-Glass Door:  White version.  Craft a few of the above oak wood-and-glass doors, then put two into the craft grid along with a portion of white dye, in any positions.  Yields 2 white doors and an empty bucket.
Decorative Wood-and-Glass Door:  Mahogany version.  Put two of the above bare/oak doors into the craft grid along with one portion of brown or dark orange dye.  Yields 2.
Oak Closet Door:  Basically a lightweight door one might use to close off a closet area or perhaps a basement.  Craft six sticks vertically and one steel ingot at left-center as shown.  Yields 2.
Mahogany Closet Door:  Craft two oak closet doors with one portion of brown or dark orange dye.  Yields 2 doors of the same opening direction.
Upscale Glass Office Door:  Just like it sounds - the sort of fancy-schmancy all-glass door you find in offices in upscale buildings, particularly for the higher-ups of a company.  Craft five glass plus one steel ingot as shown.  Yields 2.

Windows and Window Treatments


A basic white, framed windowpane can be made fairly easy.  First, make some wood-framed glass blocks from the Building Blocks section of this modpack (one wood block above one glass block, as mentioned above).

Then combine one of those with four portions of white dye as shown here.  Yields 8.

You can make one of those windowpanes into the type that's visibly divided into four quarters by combining one of them with two sticks and an additional portion of white dye, as shown here.  Yields 1.
Window Curtains:  Window curtains are available in six colors:  Red, Green, Blue, Violet/Purple, Pink, and White.  Place three wool of one of those colors into the crafting grid in a vertical line.  Yields 3.

If you're more of the spartan type and prefer horizontal blinds, you can make those also.  Combine two sticks, a plastic sheet, two sets of plastic strips, and one string in the pattern shown here.  Yields one set of blinds.  

If you'd rather get a thicker set, simply use four sets of plastic strips, with the extra two sets placed to the right of the first two, as in the second picture.

Basic Window Shutter: Craft six sticks vertically in two rows on either side of the grid. Yields 2 bare wooden window shutters. Note that these are decorative - that is, they don't move. Also, as usual "oak" refers to the color, not what it's made of.
Black Window Shutter: Craft four oak shutters with one portion of black dye, in any positions. Yields 4.
Dark Grey Window Shutter (requires UnifiedDyes): Craft four oak shutters with one portion of dark grey dye, in any positions. Yields 4.
Medium Grey Window Shutter: Craft four oak shutters with one portion of grey dye, in any positions. Yields 4.
White Window Shutter: Craft four oak shutters with one portion of white dye, in any positions. Yields 4.
Mahogany Window Shutter: Craft four oak shutters with one portion of brown or dark orange dye. Yields 4.
Red Window Shutter: Craft four oak shutters with one portion of red dye. Yields 4.
Yellow Window Shutter: Craft four oak shutters with one portion of yellow dye. Yields 4.
Forest Green Window Shutter: Craft four oak shutters with one portion of dark green dye. Yields 4. Hello, Dolly! :-)
Light Blue Window Shutter (requires UnifiedDyes): Craft four oak shutters with one portion of light blue dye, in any position. Yields 4.
Purple Window Shutter: Craft four oak shutters with one portion of violet dye, in any position. Yields 4.


Black Plastic Flower Pot:  Craft five sheets of plastic in a U shape with a dirt block in the middle and three portions of black dye across the top.  Yields 1.
Flowerpot green
Green Plastic Flower Pot:  Craft five sheets of plastic in a U shape with one dirt block in the middle and one portion of green dye in the middle of the top row.  Yields 1.
Terracotta Flower Pot:  Craft five terracotta pieces in a U shape with one dirt block in the middle.  Yields 1.



This modpack offers a large number of decorative wall-hung paintings.  To get one, first craft a blank canvas from four sticks and some white wool in the pattern seen in the first picture here.  Yields one blank canvas.

Then, place that canvas in the middle space of the bottom row of the grid, and fill the top two rows with dyes of various colors, in patterns that approximate the colors used in the paintings.  See below for the an overview image of what's available, and recipes for each of the individual paintings.



Textured Ceiling Paint: Craft one bucket of water with one block of sand and two portions of white dye. Yields 20 square meters of textured paint and returns an empty bucket.
White Drop-Ceiling Tile: Craft two steel ingots, one smooth stone block, and one portion of white dye. Yields 10.
Brass Pole (requires Moreores or Technic):  Place three brass ingots in a vertical line.  Yields 4 cylindrical brass poles.
Wrought iron pole:  Similar to the brass ones above.  Craft three iron lumps in a vertical line.  Yields 4 square-cross-section poles (unlike fences, these and the above brass poles are drawn without connecting rungs, so they're good for lamp posts).
Rug-small Small Throw Rug:  Craft four Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black wool or cotton (must be one or the other, don't try to mix them), in any position.  Yields 8.
Rug-large Large Area Rug:  Craft two of the above small throw rugs in any position.  Yields 2.
3dfurniture bars
Bars:  These can be used for multiple purposes, most notably a basement window or for a sort of medieval castle look, or maybe the windows/gates/doors on a jail cell as well.  Craft them from a row of three steel ingots above a row of three wrought iron poles (not the fences), as shown.  Yields 6.
3dfurniture bars corner
Corner bars:  The same as above, but fashioned to carry the above bars over into the corner of a node.  Craft three of the above regular bars into an L-shape.  Yields 3.
3dfurniture chains1
3dfurniture chains2

Chains:  A pair of wall-mounted chains, purely for decorative purposes.  Craft them from six steel ingots in an ellipse pattern as shown here, or from two steel ingots and four Glooptest chainlinks, as shown in the second image.

Yields 4 in both cases....

Decorative fish tank:  These beauties can be crafted from four glass at the sides, a bucket of water in the middle, two sheets of plastic and a white glowlight cube at the top, and a portion of gravel spread at the bottom-center, in the pattern shown here.  Yields one fish tank and one empty bucket.  When right-clicked, the light in the tank turns on/off.  Sorry, the fish don't move around yet. :-)
Brick chimney:  Well let's face if, if you have a fireplace, you need somewhere for the smoke to go... or you would if Minetest produced any.  For that, here's a basic brick chimney.  Craft it from six bricks in two opposite columns, leaving the center column empty, as shown.  Yields 2.
Basic cardboard box:  Just moving in?  Well you'll need something cheap to hold your stuff, and this should do nicely.  Craft five sheets of paper as shown.  Yields 2, and they have a very small inventory just about right for holding a few things.

Let's not forget to welcome people into your home!  Craft a basic green welcome mat from three dark green wool and one portion of white dye in the pattern shown here.  Yields 2.

You can also make these in grey and brown, using grey or brown wool, and black dye in both cases.


This basic mailbox allows users to send items to other users in a multiplayer server.  It acts like a one-way locked chest - that is, you can put stuff into the one slot that is offered, but only the owner of the mailbox can take stuff out.

Craft it from 6 steel ingots in the pattern shown here.  Yields 1.

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